Saturday, July 2, 2011

George Alexander Fitzwater

George Alexander Fitzwater was born 5 June 1821, in Posey County, Indiana. He married first, Celia Ann Steppe Bunyard on 5 November 1846 in Crawford County, Missouri. They bought land in Holt County, Missouri on 19 March 1855; were in the 1860 census living in Claytonville, Brown County, Kansas Territory. They kept following the Oregon trail, son Martin Densmore Fitzwater was born in Oregon [expect Linn County] 17 August 1865. I don't know why the didn't stay in Oregon. The family pushed south to Shasta County, California where they were found living in Township 6, Shasta County, California for the 1870 census. Celia died, 17 May 1872, Millville, Shasta County, California. She was 43 years old, her youngest child was only 4. This family stayed in Shasta County for generations. They are buried all over the county. George remarried on 20 October 1874, to Leah B. Coots; they divorced in 1899. Then George married Frances A. Norwood on 25 May 1900. George died 14 November 1914, in Millville, Shasta County, California. Both he and Celia are buried at the Masonic Cemetery, Millville, Shasta County, California. Their gravesite is very close to the front gate.

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