Sunday, December 11, 2011

China for the holiday meal

Does your family bring out the crystal and china for the holidays or other special events? It is tradition in my family to bring out these dishes.

I've never located another piece of this set, and it's not from lack of trying! :) I have registered with every china replacement facility I can, none of them have ever found a single piece of this pattern. My kids fear washing these dishes as none of them want to be 'the one who dropped' a single piece! Can't blame them, but I pray none of us is every 'that one.' This is a beautiful setting of 12 (!) with more pieces than I've ever used, but I'd still like to know if there were other pieces that I might not have. The set originally was my mother's wedding china pattern back in 1956. I recall my parents talking when I was a child about my brother dropping a cup and getting it replaced at that time.

If you ever see this pattern, I'd sure like to know about it! Here is the back of the dinner plate with the pattern number.

It says Fukajawa, ARITA, Pattern No. 804. (Made in Japan and handpainted.)

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