Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leon Waitte "Lee" Brinkley

Today would have been my dad's 83rd birthday. Leon Waitte "Lee" Brinkley was born 15 January 1929, in Stratton, Kit Carson County, Colorado, to Louis Wallace "Wally" Brinkley (1900-1966) and Thelma Ellen Scott Brinkley (1909-1944). He joined an older sister, Wilma Auline Brinkley (1927-1989). They were pretty poor growing up during the depression and then the dust bowl. [This county is still pretty poor, follow the link to wikipedia.]

Dad was pretty excited when the 1930 census came out as that is the first census he was on!

Dad's favorite cake was Angel Food Cake! No frosting, just angel food cake. He was pretty happy with that! Mom made him a cake every year.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We sure do miss you here. Ask John Brinkley who his parents were and whisper it to me in my sleep. I can't find him in Delaware before 1818, send a little help will ya?

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  1. I enjoyed your post, Leslie, since my dad's 90 now and we both live in Colorado. He's told me about the Depression and the Dust Bowl. Your dad's a handsome man. I hope he'll whisper to you with the info about John! Don't give up hope!
    Happy Birthday, Lee Brinkley!


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