Monday, July 15, 2013

Press Release: A Positive Proof, John Fitzwater, abt 1765..1835, son of John Fitzwater & Judith West

Press Release:

July 4, 2013

 A Positive Proof, is a research piece, 32 pages in toto, refuting the specific errors published in Fitzwater Families of America by Katheryn Fitzwater Devine, concerning the status of Thomas Fitzwater as the heir to the land in 1787, the elements and end date of Primogeniture, the nature of marriage consents, and the parentage of John Fitzwater, Jr. 

It truly became a journey into law history, as well as a genealogical proof.   I hope the truths revealed by this brief study of Virginia law and documents, will aid future researchers and allow Fitzwater descendants to benefit by recognizing their true lineage.

In a nation, such as our United States of America, privileged to have freedom of speech and of the press assured unto its citizens, I am completely confident that any publication, created and put forth for public consumption, makes itself available for ordinary review, criticism, comment, and rebuttal.

I have taken no quotes from Fitzwater Families of America due to Devine’s unusual view of copyright, but rather, have paraphrased and commented upon  some of its passages.  The interested researcher is instructed to view her material directly.  To further assure accuracy, the researcher is also requested, at their leisure, to access the documents I have presented herein, directly at their sources listed in A Positive Proof’s bibliography.

I thank you for your willingness to own and read a copy of this manuscript in the interest of an open minded, unbiased discovery of the truth, allowing researchers to evaluate all the facts and arrive at their own conclusions.

A Positive Proof is available free in pdf form; or in hard copy for printing and shipping costs at the time of order only. 

 To Order Contact:  

Victoria Elaine Hopkins Kahn,
BA Psychology (graduated with Distinction), San Diego State University, San Diego, CA;
Preliminary Level 1: Education Specialist Instruction Credential, California State University, Long Beach, CA;
 A life member of: The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi; a member of: NSDAR)
 By email at or by phone at (760)658-6372.

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